April 9th                          Haynes Cabot Club 8:30 TT

April 23rd                          Logansport High School Boys Invitational 8 a.m. shotgun course will open at 12:00

April 27th                           Dykeman Clubhouse project outing

May 18th                            Chamber of Commerce Golf Outing 12:30 shotgun

May22nd                           LHS Berry Booster Outing

May 30th                          Elks/BR Open 10:00 TT

June 3rd                            Boys High School Sectional 9:30 TT

June 4th, 5th, 11th, 12th    County Golf Tournament TT

June 15th                          Memorial Hospital Tournament Closed all day double shotgun

June 25th                         LHS Class Of 1987 10:30 TT 

June 26th                        Bauman Memorial Tournament 10:00 TT

July 4th                              Dykeman 4th Of July Shamble 9:00 TT

July 15th                              Dykeman Park Invitational Practice Round 9:00 TT

July 16th & 17th                       Dykeman Park 2 Man Invitational Tournament Closed both days until 6 pm                   

July 30th & 31st                       City Golf Championship 9:00 TT- 1st weekend   

August 3rd                                Area 5 Outing 1:00 Shotgun     

August 6th & 7th    City Golf Championship 2nd weekend 9:00 TT

August 20th                       Logansport High School Baseball reunion 1:00 shotgun

August 27th                      Dana Gillum Memorial Fundraiser 10:00 TT

Sept. 5th                            Elks/BR Open 10:00 TT

Sept. 9th                          LHS Class of 1972 12:00 TT 8 groups

Sept.  10th                Dutch Mill Outing 8:30 Shotgun

Sept. 17th & 18th             Dykeman Club Championship red-white-blue tees 9:00 TT

 Oct. 8th                                      "My Fault" Par 3 Fall Classic 10:00 Shotgun

TT= Tee Times, golf course open for other play

Shotgun= subject to change/check back course could open