Park Rules

Updated 12/05/2022 by City Council Ordinance #2022-42

  1. All Logansport Parks and Trails are open daily from 6 am – 10 pm.
  2. Motor vehicles are to park ONLY in designated areas.Overnight parking is prohibited in all Logansport Parks.
  3. Speed limit within the parks is fifteen (15) mph. Please watch for children and other pedestrians.
  4. Possession & use of alcoholic beverages & illegal drugs are not permitted in this park.
  5. People who intimidate (by legal definition) another person shall be dealt with using police authority.
  6. Smoking is restricted to a designated and inconspicuous location no closer than twenty-five (25) feet from all- but not limited to- city owned buildings, playgrounds, park bleachers, park pavilions, swimming pools, or in the vicinity of children, and athletic fields (Ord.# 05-11).
  7. Shelters and their picnic tables are available for general use unless reserved. Groups with a reservation receipt have priority use of shelters and their picnic tables. 
  8. Picnic tables in the Parks are available on a first come-first serve basis.Picnic tables, benches & bleachers may ONLY be used outside of the parks for public events or activities with Parks Administrator authorization.
  9. All domestic animals must be kept on a six-foot leash or crated; Animal “waste” must be disposed of properly.
  10. Any animal or reptile, domesticated or wild, which has dangerous propensities is strictly prohibited from all parks.
  11. Inflatable bounce “houses” are prohibited for private use.
  12. The Cole Bridge is for pedestrian & non-motorized vehicle use only. For safety reasons, those using the bridge are required to stay on the bridge walkway, and shall not climb or sit upon railings,structures, or pillars.
  13. Please use trash & recycling containers.
  14. It shall be unlawful for any person to use or operate any sound-producing or sound amplifying device (including vehicles) in such a manner or with such volume as to annoy or disturb persons in its vicinity.Ord.# 01-14
  15. Ground fires are not permitted. Fires for cooking food are permitted only in grills such as those provided throughout LPRD parks.
  16. Personal fireworks are not permitted in the parks, except when permission is granted by the Fire Chief AND the Parks Administrator.
  17. No gambling, glass bottles, or profanity within the park.
  18. Bicycles, skates, roller blades, skateboards, or motorized vehicles excluding maintenance & personal handicap equipment must remain on paved surfaces within the park.
  19. No marking, writing, or defacing of any equipment, structure, or pavement within the park.
  20. A permit is not required for geocaching and metal detecting, but divots must be put back in place.
  21. To report maintenance issues, contact the Logansport Parks & Recreation Department at
  22. In the event of an emergency, Emergency Services should be notified by calling 911.