Logansport Parks User Survey Results Now Available

August 23, 2023 at 1:26 p.m.

Over the course of the summer, the Logansport Parks and Recreation Department released a survey via social media.This was released in hopes of hearing feedback from the Logansport community about changes and improvements the community would like to see throughout the parks and recreational programs. In total, 474 responses were recorded with the majority of our survey takers being white females ranging in ages 35-44 who have lived in Logansport for 20 years or greater. Within this story, the most frequently identified responses will be shared. Click here for the full report.

What parks or facilities have you visited/ used in Logansport during the past 12 months? Please select all that apply. 

Riverside Park- 83%

Spencer Park- 62%

Huston Park- 58%

Little Turtle Waterway- 34%

Little Turtle Waterway Trail- 33%

Based on the parks and/or facilities you visited during the past 12 months, are there any parks/facilities that are in need of any maintenance or capital improvements?

Spencer Park: pavillion

Riverside Park: general maintenance/ upgrade facilities

General: restrooms, graffiti, sports courts need new surfacing/lines

Please select all the following reasons that have prevented you or other members of your household from using Logansport Parks and Recreation parks, facilities, programs, or events more often.

I do not know what is being offered- 25%

Lack of features we want to use- 24%

None. Nothing prevents us from using or participating- 23%

Lack of programs that interest me- 20%

Do not feel safe- 17%

From the following list, please select all the organizations you or members of your household have used for recreation and sports activities during the past two years.

Logansport Parks and Recreation- 51%

France Park- 50%

Cass County Denzel Carousel (At Riverside Park)- 49%

4-H Fairgrounds- 48%

River Bluff Trail- 45%

From the following list, please select all the ways you would prefer to learn about Logansport Parks and Recreation programs and events. 

Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Nextdoor, etc.)- 83%

Website: www.logansportparks.com - 45%

Banners at parks or city facilities- 29%

Promotions at special events- 28%

Program Recreation Guide (local)- 26%

Radio- 26%

What parks or facility features are most important to have in Logansport? Please select no more than five choices.

Outdoor amphitheater/outdoor performing arts venue- 31%

Water access (e.g., canoeing, kayaking, etc.)- 29%

Dog park (fenced, off-leash)- 26%

Multi-use paved trails (for hiking, biking, walking, etc.)- 26%

Outdoor adventure park (e.g., climbing walls, ropes, swings, ziplines)- 22%

What programs are most important to have in Logansport? Please select no more than five choices.

Farmers market- 46%

After school programs for youth- 39%

Adult fitness and wellness- 28%

Community special events- 26%

Free Responses: “Don’t duplicate what is already being offered.”

If you had an additional $100, how would you allocate the funds among the parks and recreation categories listed below? Please be sure your total adds up to $100.

Improve/maintain existing parks and recreation facilities- 268

Enhance programs and services- 186

Develop aquatics facilities- 162

Develop new sports fields (e.g., softball, soccer, baseball, etc.)- 149

Develop new walking and biking trails- 141

Please rate your level of satisfaction with the overall value that your household receives from Logansport Parks and Recreation services and facilities.

Average rating: 3.6 Stars out of 5

 Please share any additional comments that could assist Logansport Parks and Recreation with improving parks, trails, open space, or recreation programs and services.

“I believe the program has grown so much and the community has heard about more events in the past couple of years. To me, there are quite a few places for baseball and softball, but not many places for other sports. I think the programs are great and they’re getting much more traction! I just wish there was a bit more for all age groups.”

“Logansport parks and recreation currently services and provides NUMEROUS areas for children, adults, families, and other social groups. However, the focus should not be on developing more but instead should work to improve what is already available. With so many parks already underfunded and clearly struggling for budget funding, parks and rec is only biting off more than they can chew by looking to expand what is already available.”

“I feel like the town has many hiking and walking paths. We have many outdoor parks we have a splash pad and local pool. What we do not have is an indoor park that families can visit when weather is not good, or raining. For many days at a time extreme heat or cold kids are cooped up in their homes with nothing to do and pent up energy. It would be very nice to be able to take my children to a free or very affordable indoor park to help with that.”


Parks Administrator Janet Fawley was pleased with the responses: “We are grateful to all that took time to complete this summer’s survey. Some of the comments were difficult to read because we take these criticisms as well as compliments seriously. We know we will have to improve our work efficiency, as well as our communication efforts to keep the public well informed and more satisfied with the Logansport Parks. The completed Master Plan document will help us address those items that require planning and funding.” 

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