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Purpose:  Lifeguards are to supervise patrons in their safe & healthy use of the water facilities and maintaining the appearance of the Aquatics areas.  The lifeguard is accountable to the Head Lifeguard.


  1. Should be able to pass a swim, skill and knowledge test prior to employment including meeting swimming speed minimums, underwater dive and rescue skills.
  2. Must have the physical ability to perform all of their lifeguard duties.
  3. Hold current certification for Either American Red Cross Lifeguard or its equivalent (i.e., YMCA, Boy Scouts, or Jeff Ellis & Associates).
  4. Holds current certification in Standard First Aid from the ARC or the equivalent and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation from the ARC or the equivalent.
  5. Is able to demonstrate skill in rescue and emergency procedures appropriate to the Aquatics area.
  6. Has good judgment in anticipating and preventing accidents.
  7. Is able to act calmly and quickly during emergencies.
  8. Is able to give and/or follow directions in an emergency.

Essential duties and responsibilities:

  1. Carries out assigned duties as a lifeguard, supervising water activities, maintaining accident/incident records, and preventing accidents.
  2. Sets up, stores and maintains equipment and supplies necessary to the Aquatics.
  3. Maintains pool appearance.
  4. Performs first aid and responds to emergency situations such as inclement weather, find lost children, near-drownings, etc.
  5. Maintains health and safety practices for park patrons.
  6. Evaluates Aquatics operations as well as job responsibilities at the close of the summer season.
  7. Maintains physical strength, stamina and abilities throughout the operating season.
  8. Performs other related essential in-service & skill related duties as required.

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