Do-It-Yourself - PARKS STYLE!

September 17, 2018 at 10:02 p.m.
Do-It-Yourself - PARKS STYLE!
Do-It-Yourself - PARKS STYLE!

By Updated by LPD Staff-

Nature is all around.  Several of the Logansport Parks & Trails are especially close to nature – Dykeman Park Woods, Huston Park, Spencer Park along the Eel River, and Little Turtle Waterway.  When you and your family are using one of the Logansport Parks or Trails, here are some activities you might like your family to “Do It Yourself:”

  • Find new colors in nature. Take an autumn hike.Challenge your child to find as many colors outside in nature as they can.
  • Listen for birds.Good birders use their ears as much as their eyes. Ask them to keep silent and hold up a finger for each different bird song they hear.Try to stay quiet until you have 10 fingers in the air.
  • Sort the stuff you find in nature.Take some old containers outside and look for seeds, leaves, shells, petals and rocks. Then sort them according to size, shape or color.
  • See the world through your child’s eyes.Show your child how to use a simple camera, and let her/him take the lead.Make a collage together of the photos he/she takes.

Remember to encourage your child to use their five senses – touch, taste, smell, listen, and see!

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