The Logansport Parks & Recreation Department would like to remind the public that as cold weather approaches, it will be necessary to shut down restrooms and drinking fountains in the city parks.  Staff will begin shutting down ALL drinking fountains and restrooms with a lower priority during the week of October 18th, including Dykeman, Muehlhausen, and Fairview Parks. During the week of October 25th, Riverside, Spencer and Huston Parks restrooms will be shut down.  

The Cole Fountain and the Heritage Park Fountain will also be closed for the season during these last two weeks of October.

The process of shutting water off for the winter and clearing water from the pipes is very labor intensive and requires a 2-3 week window to take care of all the lines in all the parks.  Without these measures, water freezes and expands inside the pipes, breaking the pipes and creating expensive repairs. 

In addition, lights at all basketball courts will be shut down beginning November 1st.  Reduced public play and budget controls have made this step necessary for the Parks Department.

Questions may be directed to the Parks office at 753-6969 or e-mail to