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December 8, 2022
  • City Trails

    Discover more about Logansport and other nearby multi-use loops, trails, & pathways by clicking below on the one that you are interested in:

    These trails/walking paths are managed by Logansport Parks:
    • Eel River Run
    • Fairview Park Loop
    • Huston Park Trails
    • Little Turtle Waterway Trail
    • Riverside Park Loop
    • Spencer Park Loop
    • Tower Park Loop

    Managed by other trail enthusiasts:

    • River Bluff Trail
    • Panhandle Pathway
    • France Park Trails

    Trail Courtesy

    • These trails are for bicycle and pedestrian use.
      • Motorized vehicles are prohibited.
    • Be courteous.
      • Trail is open for your use and enjoyment from dawn to dusk.
    • Obey all trail signs.
      • Stop at intersections – Travel at safe speeds.
    • Wear a helmet for bicycle safety.
      • Many bicycle accidents result in injury to the face or head.
    • Please pick up litter.
      • “Take only pictures – leave only footprints.”
    • Yield to pedestrians.
      • Pedestrians always have the right of way.
    • Keep right and pass on the left.
      • The trail is like a roadway.
    • Warn trail users as you approach from behind.
      • Announce yourself: example “On your left!”
    • Pets are welcome if kept on a leash and in control.
      • Please clean up pet waste.
    • Respect private property and other trail users – Stay on the trail.
      • Do not pick, trample or disturb plants or flowers.
    • Shared courtesies mean shared enjoyment for all.
      • Users of the trail do so at their own risk.
    • To report maintenance issues, contact the Logansport Parks Department at (574) 753-6969.

    See a video from a Logansport trail enthusiast: Click here

Bike Lane Education Video

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