A new newsletter is a tricky thing. How do you get it published? How do you get it out to people? How do you get people to read it? And finally, what title do you use?

We wanted to provide more information to the citizens of Logansport so that the parks, programs and playgrounds are available to all. This digital newsletter is the newest, most modern method for us to promote what we do.

This publication is meant for you to get more out of your parks, the programs we offer to you as a family and as individuals, and all the great playgrounds that are available in the Logansport Parks. We’re going to provide creative ideas for you to use when you are in the parks. We’ll make sure you have a better handle on processes and rules.  We’ll introduce you to the people who work hard to give you the best park experience possible.

So, that’s why “Parks, Programs & Playgounds” is the title of our newsletter. We hope that after you’ve read each issue, that you’ll want to email it to your local friends and family. (Yes, PLEASE! PASS IT ALONG!!) If you have questions or concerns you’d like for us to address in future issues, we welcome your input! We’re excited about these new opportunities to share the Logansport Parks, Programs & Playgrounds!