John Hiatt has worked for the Logansport Parks Department since 1984, and has served as the Logansport Parks Maintenance Superintendent for these last 20+ years. John is now retiring from this position after 34 years of service. During his time at the Logansport Parks Department,  he has:

  • Survived 7 different Park Administrators and 6 different Mayor’s;
  • John made sure that we were organized for our routine tasks – mowing & weed whipping, taking care of restrooms, cleaning the parks, picking up trash.
  • John always made sure that the support we’ve needed for programming was there…. PopFest, Hayrides for BooFest, setting up the inflatables for July 4th, & making sure tents and tables were set up for special occasions.
  • John has been the ultimate penny-pincher.John never threw anything away because there was always a chance that it could be used to repair something else.John’s thriftiness saved the city a lot of money over the years.
  • Without John’s support, the Light Up Logansport Parade & Park Display would have floundered.He made sure there were back-up generators, gasoline, flashlights, fire extinguishers, tractors for the floats, electricity at Little Turtle Waterway, golf cars, tables & chairs at the reviewing stand. He knew what we needed, and made sure it was taken care of.
  • Several new things have happened since John started….Trails, the Community Foundation Mobile Stage, Huston Park & the Cole Pedestrian bridge were built, and Christmas In the Park was begun..John has helped make a plan to support and maintain those things.
  • I know that John is very proud of the playgrounds that we have here in the Logansport Parks.John made it his personal mission to keep our playgrounds up to the standards established in our “industry.” He kept his Certified Playground Safety Inspector Certification up to date, and created an inspection system that helps to keep our playgrounds in great condition.He has overseen the construction of 11 playgrounds, as we worked to bring them all up to date.
  • John’s crowning achievement and the thing he’s most proud of is his staff.John has always relied on their hard work and professionalism (as we all do). John is grateful to each and every one of them for being the dependable, hard working people that they are.

We wish John and his wife Deb(pictured above), a bright future as John begins his well-deserved retirement. Congratulations John!!